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Spring 1967
Published anonymously
How to use this form

The right of privacy is the supreme right of the individual. All other rights are subordinate to it. To ensure privacy from snoopers who mean you harm, require that suspect persons answer the questions on the reverse of this card , in front of witness, and then sign the form. This will contaminate any alleged evidence which such person may claim to have uncovered as the Supreme Court has held that evidence gained by privacy violation is the result of a search without probable cause a and is therefore unlawful. It's your freedom, baby.

a public service of the communication company-ups.


1. I am not a police officer.
2. I am not a police informant.
3. I am not a participant observer seeking to develop information for use in prosecutions of violations of criminal laws.
4. I am not an employee, regular or special, of any governmental agency seeking to develop information for prosecutions of criminal laws.
5. I am not a private investigator seeking to develop information of a confidential nature.
6. I have never been employed or engaged in any of the above positions on a regular or special basis.


(date)________________  (signed)_________________________
(date)________________  (witness)________________________

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