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Spring 1967
Published anonymously

If, during this or any future love feast, The Man chooses to assert his balls, pay for his leather & shit on The Constitution by busting you, these simple rules will make the experience more entertaining for you & more educational for him.

1. Don't resist.
2. Don't cooperate.
3. GO LIMP!!!! If he really wants you, let The Man carry you away like a sack of government surplus corn meal, which may even give him a hernia or heart attack.
4. Shout your name out, first & last, while being dumped in the wagon so that bystanders can alert the bondsman & get you out fast fast fast, if possible.

And if anyone tries to incite you to riot or violence, that person is The Man & wants to see you in trouble or dead, as the chips may fall. Violence & riot are not our things. Be cool. Be also joyful. This is the day the Lord hath made: let us rejoice & be glad in it.

gestetnered for the benefit of all mankind by the communication company (u.p.s.) 4/1/67

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